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Ruga Rialto 778, Venice
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Antico Dolo's cooking has its roots in Venetian history. Entire Venice: gondoliers, goldsmiths, traders, fishmongers came here during centuries. In the middle of twentieth century when the city had nearly three hundreds thousand inhabitants, here in Rialto was difficult to walk becouse of all the workers and women went out to go to the fishmarket. At midday everybody came here to enjoy a glass of wine with an appetizer of rissa tripe or a bacalà Mantecato canapé, delicious stockfish boiled prepared with olive oil and black pepper. Here we use only stockfish "Ragno", the best quality, and we clean it hand made taking off all the fish-bones (at least we hope but if you'll find one you would take it as a quality certificate).



Antico Dolo

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"Antico Dolo" Recipes

Antico Dolo Bacalà (stockfish)
Soak the stockfish "Ragno" for 12 hours...
Antico Dolo Cuttlefish Salad
Cut the cuttlefishes in thin pieces after have grilled them taking off...