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Ruga Rialto 778, Venice
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The New Year's Eve Dinner at Antico Dolo in Venice

Enter into Antico Dolo Restaurant!"Antico Dolo" was born in 1989 from a Bruno Ruffini's idea, a native Venetian that after more than thirty years working for a catering business, decided to buy this hystorical restaurant in the centre of Venice, close to Rialto bridge.
L'"Antico Dolo" is placed in Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni (known better as "Ruga Rialto") in the area of the fish and fruit and vegetable market, where all the benches are full of fresh foodstuffs products.
Thanks to the nearness of the market Bruno Ruffini and his family decided to start a gastronomical way marked by the creation of many recepes that soon became popular as "Maltagliati with Scallops and Treviso red chicory" or "Tunny-fish Carpaccio and Sea veal marinade with herbs served with spicy croutons".

Satisfaction expressed by our customers and all the awards received from many cooking magazines gave us a big popularity and soon "Antico Dolo" became one of the most appreciated venetian retaurants in the entire Venice.

At the beginning of last year we were accepted by the "Gambero Rosso" guide and then by "Michelin Guide"that chose "Antico Dolo" giving to us the "Grand Gourmet" for the 2000. Awards that put in evidence our policy: save and complete the traditional venetian cooking with new courses fish and vegetables-based.
L'"Antico Dolo" now provides even a catering service for parties and ceremonies.
We can satisfy all your requests offering a service based on our experience as restaurateurs with highly qualified staff.

Prices' transparency, enthusiasm and experience is our motto!

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