Antico Dolo

Antico Dolo

"Antico Dolo": the restaurante
Venitian dishes
Come to visit us in Ruga Rialto 778 in Venice.
We do serve just daily fresh products from the nearby Rialto Markets.
Situated in the dynamics zone of the Rialto's Market Antico Dolo Restaurant in Venice, the heart of the city, l'Antico Dolo is a part of a going back building to the ' 400, having the peculiarity to have been for centuries occupied by a brothel, in fact the Rialto zone and close Square of S.Cassiano were the red lights districts during the dominion of the Serenissima Republic. The variety of the ways of access to the building from the surrounding streets (calli), the numerous windows from which the girls showed their tits (famous is close Bridge of the Tits, in italian Ponte delle Tette) from the first moment render the destination use unmistakable. According to that, that Matteo the cook and Stefania! is for being able to feed the customers tired becouse of the performances just consumed at the upper floors, was opened the Antico Dolo in the December of the 1434 (it has not been possible to define the exact date) offering to the customers cured pork meats, cheeses, but above all that course that for centuries it has always been the true specialty of the house: the Trippa Rissa (tripe): various types of offals boiled according to an ancient recipe that nowadays comes among our daily courses. To the counter it was possible to taste a glass of dry white wine coming from the near Dolo, splendid city located in the Brenta's Coast between the province of Padova and Venice, on the sides of which the Brenta (primary river of our region) slides, gone back daily from the boats that used to trade here for hundred of years, enjoying the vision of the splendid villas along its rivers.

The New Year's Eve at Antico Dolo in Venice


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Therefore that Chardonnay arrived to the Antico Dolo, once like nowadays, and was served both for a simple glass of wine between friends, both to accompany the delicious courses coming from the kitchen.
With the end of the Serenissima Republic and the successive Austrian dominion, the market did not lose its importance and indeed it continues to offer a wide choice of jobs to many Venetian people. All bound to awake at three o'clock in the morning and consequently already starved like wolves early in the morning: trippa for everybody!

Between years ' 60 and ' 70 of the ' 900, consequently to the exodus towards Mestre that with the advent of the chemical centre of Porto Marghera offered cheap odging , l'Antico Dolo lived a sad period until the summer of 1989 when my family bought it undertaking to mantain the same gastronomical line otherwise the old owner wouldn't have never sold it.
The continuous maintenance of the same furnishing and same choice of the dishes are a concrete promise for us aimed at the maintenance of venetian traditions which I'd like to pass on to my daughters.

From the beginnings of ninety's we are a point of reference even for those tourists who love the typical Venetian cooking and want to find an elegant atmosphere for their Venetian nights. You'll be able to choose both from menu and daily proposals of the chef.