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Family-run restaurant since 1940 come and visit us at Rialto

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Osteria Antico Dolo

Antico Dolo was born in 1989 from a Bruno Ruffini’s idea, a native Venetian that after more than thirty years working for a catering business, decided to buy this hystorical restaurant in the centre of Venice, close to Rialto bridge.
L'”Antico Dolo” is placed in Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni (known better as “Ruga Rialto”) in the area of the fish and fruit and vegetable market, where all the benches are full of fresh foodstuffs products.

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Antico dolo

It has its roots
in Venetian history

Daily Menu

Menu specialties


– Codfish “mantecato” and inked craker , marinated sardines “ in saor” ( onion, vinegar , raisins and pine nuts ) served with tender polenta €20

– Grilled scallops on smashed potatoes and artichokes €28

– Grilled local calamari, served on seasonal mix salads €22

– Tasting of seafood starters for two people €46

– Mix salad, Radicchio from Treviso salad, blue cheese, nuts, pears and balsamic vinegar (veg) €16

– Tasting of local cheeses and artigianal marmalades (veg) €18

– Pumpkin marinated “in saor” and tender polenta (vegan) €16

First dishes

– Bigoli from Bassano “in salsa” made with anchovies and onion €18

– Bigoli “ alla Busara” with spicy tomato sauce and scampi to be peeled by hand according to tradition €25

– Home made potato gnocchi with seafood sauce €24

– Pappardelle with radicchio and scallops €24

– Spaghetti with clams €20

– Black cuttlefish risotto (min two portions) €24

– Calf bolognese sauce to combine with any type of pasta on the menu €18

– Home made pumpkin gnocchi served with butter, sage, poppy seeds and smoked ricotta €18

– Home made potato gnocchi with mushrooms pesto and toasted almonds €18

Traditional second dishes served with tender polenta

– Calamari in spicy red sauce €24

– Cuttlefish in black sauce “alla veneziana” €24

– Calf liver in venetian style cooked with onion and white wine €24

– Tripe in red sauce €18

– Musetto, Radicchio from Treviso and potato cream €18


– Breaded and grilled seabass served with seasonal vegetables €28

– Seafood grill mix for two people, a seabass , two calamari , two scallops , two scampi and two prawns €65

– Catch of the day from €26

Home made dessert

– Express tiramisù made at the moment €9

– Millefoglie with mascarpone cream, strawberries and dark chocolate flakes €9

– Zaeti and Buranei -two traditional biscuits-  served with sweet wine Recioto della Valpolicella €10

– Tasting of cheeses and artigianal marmalades €9

– Dessert of the day (vegan) €9


€ 130 per person
Initial toast, water and coffee

€ 150 per person
with wine pairing


First dishes




Phone: +39 041.5226546 Email: info@anticodolo.it


Ruga Rialto, 778,
30175 Venezia VE


Monday - Sunday:
11:00 - 00:00

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