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Osteria Antico Dolo

The cuisine of the “Antico Dolo” restaurant has its roots in Venetian history. All of Venice: gondoliers, traders, goldsmiths, fishmongers, simple transporters, peeped out at us during the history of the Serenissima. In the mid-1900s, when the city had almost three hundred thousand inhabitants, here in Rialto it was hard to get through in the morning: the women left the house at six to go to “Rialto”, and when the commissions were over, they rewarded themselves with a “cicheto” of Rissa tripe or a morsel of cod Creamed, delicious stockfish boiled and whipped by hand with olive oil and black pepper. With us the creamed bacalà is exclusively obtained using stockfish of the “Spider” type, the finest, and is creamed only by hand every day and if you find a small plug it will act as a mark of authenticity of the bacalà itself.


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